servicesInterMark is a company totally dedicated to the international market supplying OCTG (oil country tubular goods) and line pipe including expertise in all phases of the export business. This expertise enables InterMark to provide services that a “traditional” company cannot – from worldwide logistics to international financing, both private and governmental, our goal is to be “partners” with our clients.

For all production needs we supply API tubing, casing, drill pips, line pipe and are proud to be the largest supplier of smaller diameter “macaroni” tubing. In partnership with some of the most prominent independent processors and manufacturers, we have the ability to furnish the necessary subs, crossovers, pup joints and all other accessories to facilitate smooth, cost-effective running of all the items we furnish.

Premium Connections
InterMark, with our own associated companies, which maintain inventory and can furnish API licensed heat-treatment and upsetting for API tubing, drill pipe, HDD products and premium threads. We represent the ITS product line of two-step connections. Requirements needing a premium threaded and coupled connection we offer HSC.
These working relationships give us the flexibility which enables us to meet the most demanding delivery requirements while maintaining quality control from start to finish of an order. Give us an opportunity to prove to your company what many other international companies already know…InterMark is the best partner you can have in the “oil patch.”